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(Pocket-lint) - Health tracking is all good and well but it's what we do with the data that matters. Sleep tracking is one area where this is tough to do much. Health o Meter Nuyu wants to change that.

Tracking light and deep sleep can allow for smart alarms that wake us at peaks in sleep for a more natural, refreshing start to the day. But apart from changing the room temperature, or going to bed earlier, there's little else we can do to achieve better sleep. Nuyu Sleep System reckons it's got the solution.

The system can be laid on any bed and intelligently heats or cools to optimise sleep. The mat tracks sleep patterns based on movements during the night, it can then heat and cool to enhance the peaks and troughs of light and deep sleep. This should keep your Circadian rhythm in perfect check for the most rewarding kip.

The Nuyu Sleep System also has a smart alarm to wake the person at the ideal time ensuring they feel refreshed. The Nuyu smartphone app can also connect allowing the person to see all the data on how they slept and just how the system improved their night.

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The Health o Meter Nuyu Sleep System is available now for $500.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.