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(Pocket-lint) - Withings has used IFA 2015 to announce a partnership with Spotify for its Aura sleep systems, with an aim to offer users a "complete wake up and sleep experience".

Both the Aura Total sleep System and the Aura Connected Alarm Clock will now feature Spotify Connect, giving users access to 30 million songs to wake them up or send them to sleep.

You'll need a Spotify premium account in order to benefit from the collaboration, but once set up, you'll be able to set your favourite playlists to wake up to or sleep to, set different playlists for different alarms and in the future, you will receive recommendations based on your sleep data.

The latter will take information directly from the Health Mate app and suggestions will combine not only your personal music tastes, but the efficiency of that music in helping other users fall asleep, or wake up. The information will be based on aggregated data from Aura Sleep sensors worldwide. Although no specific time frame was detailed, we were told at IFA that this should be coming into play by the end of the year.

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For now though, Withings is also developing a selection of recommended playlists based on the effectiveness of waking up and falling asleep. The playlists are being curated alongside a number of partners and they are available to add from the dedicated Withings Spotify account.

The Aura Connected Alarm Clock features wake up and sleep programmes, along with environmental parameters of the room. The Aura Total Sleep System is an alarm clock and a sensor, offering the same as the Connected Alarm Clock with the addition of a sleep sensor to analyse your night’s sleep.

Both devices will wake you up with the blue melatonin light and Spotify music, or send you to sleep with the red light, mixing light therapy and dedicated sleep or wake playlists.

The Aura Connected Alarm Clock costs £149.95 and the Aura Total Sleep System costs £249.95. Spotify Premium costs £9.99 a month.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.