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(Pocket-lint) - Nebia aims to reinvent the shower, something which hasn't changed for over a century. The new shower will not only feel better but should save 70 per cent of the water a current shower uses. That means saving you money and helping the environment.

Nebia is currently beating its goal on Kickstarter. This is thanks to backing from the likes of Apple's Tim Cook and Alphabet's Eric Schmidt, formerly of Google fame. Nebia has been testing the showers in locker rooms at Apple and Google since October.

The idea is to make the shower easy to install so anyone can upgrade.

Nebia could be the Dyson of showers.

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How does Nebia work?

Shower nozzle technology has not changed in a long time. Nebia's creators have been working for 5 years to take advantage of aerospace engineering techniques to reinvent the showerhead.

By atomising the water particles, the surface area covered is far greater – 10 times greater than your current shower. Nebia is calling this tech H2Micro.

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There is an overhead nozzle as well as a handheld wand. While the wand is wall mounted the user gets hit by two directions of mist for total immersion.

This should result in a wet mist that is able to wash a person more effectively than a current shower, but using 70 per cent less water.

How much can Nebia save me?

Nebia makes a saving of 70 per cent water use based on the average US user. Its makers say the average American takes an 8 minute shower which equates to 20 gallons of water. The Nebia does the same time using just 6 gallons.

According to its makers the Nebia is 13 times more thermally efficient than a current shower too. This should mean you not only save money on water bills but also on heating costs.

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Nebia predicts it can save the average Californian house of 4 almost $400 per year. Check out the online calculator here to see how much it can save you.

How can I get a Nebia?

To buy one you simply need to back it on Kickstarter now. This will get you it cheapest and earliest. Then there's the install.

This is part of the Nebia brilliance. You don't need to shell out for a plumber as it can be installed simply by anyone. Once the head is changed you can begin trying out the Nebia experience immediately.

The Nebia will sell at retail level for $399 which is about £258. At the time of publishing it was still possible to get one on Kickstarter for $269 which is about £174. Units ship in May 2016.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.