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(Pocket-lint) - The idea of making the world into a giant game, to help children learn, is far from new – but making it a wearable projector is certainly novel.

The Electrolux HP+ is a concept design that's in the runnings of the Electrolux Design Lab competition for 2015. It is, essentially, a wrist worn smart device that uses a projector to display on the wearer's hand.

The idea of this design is to gamify a child's world to enhance learning. As the photos in the gallery show there are plenty of ways this can be applied.

One clever idea is to display a red light with dirt and bug images on a child's hands, so as he or she washes they can see the dirt being removed.

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Another idea is to use emoticons, again displayed on the hand, to encourage good behaviour.

There appears to be an ability to link the wearable with a phone so a parent can keep track of what their child is doing and how well they're doing it.

By making processes more visual it should not only make them more interesting and engaging for children, but also teach them lessons in the process.

How the finer details work, like the wearable's ability to see what's being done, is unclear. The wearable features a "projector and sensor" so presumably they take care of this task, somehow.

Of course the Electrolux HP+ is just a concept design right now, but what a great idea. Here's hoping it comes out top in the Lab and actually gets made.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.