Smarthome gadgets are all the rage at the moment. There are plenty of options to make your kitchen, living room, bedrooms and bathrooms smart, but a smarthome doesn't need to stop at the patio doors. There are also numerous gadgets out there that will make your garden as smart as the rest of your home.

We have rounded up some of the best smart garden gadgets we have found so if you want some smartphone control outside this summer, you have come to the right place. Here are five ways to impress your BBQ or garden party guests.

Bosch Indego

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If you love being in the garden but you hate having to mow the lawn, the Bosch Indego robotic lawnmower will be your new best friend. It's powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery which is said to give you 50 minutes of run time, and it takes 50 mins to charge. The Indego will learn the layout of your garden and then head off to cut the grass in the most efficient manner it can determine.

It's worth noting that you'll be required to to set out a boundary wire to ensure it doesn't roll off and massacre your flower beds but once that is done, Bosch says that the Indego cares for your lawn by making short regular cuts, leaving the short clippings as mulch. The Indego is protected by a pin and alarm, as well as happy to mow in all weathers.

PRICE: £1500 from Amazon.


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The PLAYBULB Garden is a smart coloured LED garden light that is solar powered and controlled with the PLAYBULB X app. It allows you to add colours and lighting effects to your garden so if you want to make the grass near your decking shine blue or purple, you can do this using your smartphone.

As it is solar powered, it is as eco friendly and the PLAYBULB Garden features a built-in sensor that will detect the lighting conditions within your garden, adjusting the garden light accordingly. You can choose from 16.8 million colours and the PLAYBULB Garden will work with iPhone 4S and newer, iPad 3 and newer, iPod 5th generation and newer, as well as Android devices running 4.3 and later.

PRICE: £39.99 from MIPOW.


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Droplet is a smart sprinkler system that is claimed to be the first of its kind. It has been designed to transform the way sprinkler systems work by pulling together the latest technology in robotics, cloud computing and connected services, so if you wanted a sprinkler that can be configured using your smartphone then this one could be right up your street.

Droplet uses a system of data including 10,000 weather stations to determine how the best care for your plants to keep them healthy without wasting water. According to the company, Droplet can lower your sprinkler water consumption by up to 90% to save an average Droplet of $263 a year, meaning it isn't just smart but it's useful too.

PRICE: $299.99 from Amazon.

Parrot Flower Power

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The Parrot Flower Power is a sensor that measures the growth and health of plants. You can place it close to a plant, in the pot or the ground and it doesn't matter if it is indoors or outdoors. It is designed to wirelessly monitor your plant's needs via Bluetooth, sending notifications to your Android or iOS device.

The Flower Power will communicate information about sunlight, humidity, fertiliser and temperature to your smartphone and like the Belkin WeMO Maker, it is compatible with IFTTT. The Flower Power can be connected to 116 different Channels and you can create recipes such as receive an email when your plant needs water.

PRICE: £49.99 from Amazon.

Edyn Smart Garden System

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The Edyn Smart Garden System began as a Kickstarter project but after fulfilling its goal, it will be available this summer. It's a system that monitors and tracks environmental conditions to help you provide the best for your plants. The solar-powered Edyn Garden Sensor tracks light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition and moisture, and you can then check the Edyn app to find out which plants will grow best, when you should plant them and which plants should be grouped together.

Edyn monitors conditions and alerts you to changes that require immediate action, such as moisture levels. Along with the sensor, the Edyn system also features a water valve that automatically controls your existing water system based on data collected by the Garden Sensor and adapts to the weather forecast. The Edyn Water Valve can also be controlled using the Edyn app.