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(Pocket-lint) - Summer has arrived and as we sit in the garden quaffing the country's dwindling supply of Prosecco, there's one thing missing: smartphone-controlled coloured LED lighting. 

Fortunately, Playbulb has you covered with the Playbulb Garden. This solar-powered garden light connects to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can control it using the Playbulb X app on Android or iOS.

You'll get a full range of colour controls, so you can set the mood for your summer garden party quickly and easily. 

The Playbulb Garden is the newest addition to the Playbulb range and is available for £39.99 and thanks to the solar charging top, you won't need to wire it in anywhere.

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Like the other Playbulb devices, it offers 16 million colours from its LED lights. You can group up to five devices together in the app, making it really easy to control a group of lights.

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The Playbulb range includes a regular bulb called the Playbulb rainbow (£39.99) as well as the Playbulb Colour (£79.99) that has an integrated Bluetooth speaker as well. Both fit a standard screw fitting. 

There's also a funky candle. This offers the same range of 16 million colours, but there's fun feature in that you can blow it out. And blow it on again. There's even a mock flame, so it looks like a regular candle.

The Playbulb Candle is available from £19.99 and can be linked in with other Playbulb devices, so again, you can quickly set a colour theme for a room.

You can find out more on the link below.

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Writing by Chris Hall.