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(Pocket-lint) - Grundig today showed off its VUX smart control interface at the IFA 2015 Global Press Conference that uses light projection over traditional buttons. We gave it a try, and it's really clever. 

Looking to make your connected kitchen even smarter, the VUX system uses projections to map the controls out on your worktop. Rather than having dirty dials, it can be projected and adapt to your needs in the kitchen. 

We saw VUX working with an induction hob, dishwasher and extractor. VUX gives you the projected interface for all your appliances, so rather than having buttons or displays on each item, they can be converged into the same projected display panel.

Than means the system can change to accommodate what you've got in your kitchen, and when you're not using one set of controls they can be minimised.

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VUX offers sensible things like child locks and the option to change the brightness and so on, but it will also project timers for your cooking or give you a countdown for the dishwasher cycle.

If you happen to put something down where the controls are - or have a larger wok for example that would sit over the control area, the projection will move. The VUX projector can reposition in three different locations, moving around to a clear space on your worktop. 

We mentioned that the VUX controls are expandable and we also saw a demo of video projection added to the mix. If you have a baby monitor camera, for example, you could have this projected onto the worktop, so you can keep an eye on your little one while you cook.

The Grundig VUX system is still in development, with the company targeting Q2 2016 for it to be available for installation in customer's homes. It really is a smart looking solution for your smarthome of the future.

Writing by Chris Hall.