The kitchen is commonly referred to as the "hub of the home" or the "heart of the home", which is fitting given how much time many of us spend in it. Whether you have a kitchen that's old or new, big or small, open-plan or enclosed, there are several gadgets available now or coming soon from smaller devices to bigger appliances, that can help turn your hub into a smart one.

A smarter kitchen doesn't just mean a more convenient one, it means all kinds of advantages from knowing when your washing needs hanging up to making a Nespresso coffee remotely from the comfort of your bed. We have rounded up some of the connected gadgets that will make your kitchen that little bit smarter, and your life that little bit easier.

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Nespresso Prodigio

The Nespresso Prodigio is the first connected Nespresso machine. It will connect to your smartphone via a dedicated app and allow you to prepare your coffee remotely, whether that's from the comfort of your bed or the dining room table. You could even do it from the bath if you really wanted to.

You'll also be alerted when your favourite pods are running low, when you need to empty the capsule container and when you need to top up the water tank. Nespresso claims it will only take a couple of swipes in the app to brew any of the 23 Nespresso Grand Cru coffees and the machine also offers capsule ordering to make things super simple.

The Nespresso Prodigio comes in Silver or Titan colour options and there is also the Prodigio&Milk model that offers an integrated Aeroccino3 milk frother. Both have multiple size settings.

PRICE: £159 for Prodigio and £199 for Prodigio&Milk from Nespresso

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Smarter Coffee

Talking of remote coffee, the Smarter Coffee machine also allows you to start brewing a cuppa from wherever you are in your home using the Smarter app. You'll be able to adjust the strength of your coffee and how many cups you want so a great option if your entertaining.

The Smarter Coffee machine is available in three colours comprising red, black and beige, but they all have removable fronts and all the colours come in the box so you can change your machine to suit your feeling on a weekly basis if you want to.

There is enough water for 12 cups and a built-in water sensor will let you know how many cups you can brew. There is also a Wake Up mode and Home mode and the Smarter Coffee machine's app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

PRICE: £179.99 from Smarter

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Smarter Wi-Fi iKettle

The original Wi-Fi iKettle from Smarter was announced a couple of years ago in 2013, followed up by the more recent Kettle 2.0. As you might expect, it allows you to start boiling water from anywhere in your home using the iOS or Android app. Of course you still have to fill it with water in the first place and pour it into your cup when the water has boiled, but it means you could have boiling water ready by the ad break in your favourite show without you having to move.

It's finished in stainless steel and it comes with a water level sensor to tell you exactly how much water there is left in it. A Formula mode enables you to schedule the kettle to boil and let you know when it has reached your desired temperature, which can be anywhere between 20 and 100-degree celsius. 

There is also a Wake Up and Home mode, along with a Keep Warm function to keep your water at the temperature you desire. It might not be as good as breakfast in bed, but it's a good start.

PRICE: £99.99 from Smarter

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Pantelligent is a smart frying pan, yes that really does exist. The device features a temperature sensor inside it and the smarts talk to an app to help you cook the perfect meals.

The app will monitor the temperature and tell you when you need to flip, when to stir or add ingredients, as well as when to adjust the temperature on your hob. It will also let you know when it's time to finish and your lovely piece of salmon or steak is cooked and you can even choose how you want your steak cooked.

The idea is to stay near the target temperature, which the app will help you do. The app will take data from the pan to adjust the recipe in real time and you can also get on-screen or spoken expert tips. Like having Gordan Ramsey in your kitchen but in the form of a frying pan. The app is iOS and Android compatible.

PRICE: $199 from Pantelligent

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Samsung F-Hub RB38J7755B1

If you thought a smart frying pan was metal, this one might be a little bit much for you. Samsung is launching a Wi-Fi and touchscreen fridge in the UK that also features a trio of cameras to capture what is within the appliance.

The 21.5-inch touchscreen is designed to look like a huge smartphone display and it will display the time, weather, a shopping list or even a hand-drawn screen. There is also internet browsing, TV mirroring to watch shows, and you can also listen to music via Spotify or Tune-In through it.

The cameras mean you can mark items with notes on the day they were bought to ensure freshness and this image is accessible via the app so you can use your smartphone to check if you've got some fresh milk left. The 380-litre Family Hub fridge measures 595 x 1927 x 650mm.


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Belkin WeMo Switch

The Belkin WeMo Switch is one of those gadgets that works in the background to make something else smart, such as a coffee machine if you don't fancy the Nespresso or Smarter options.

The Switch is part of the WeMo modular system so you can connect as many or as few kitchen gadgets as you want to and the beauty of this device is that it will give you wireless control over any of your home appliances and electronics, be that a lamp or iron, meaning it can easily extend beyond the kitchen.

The WeMo Switch is plugged into an outlet and you then plug the respective device into the Switch. Setup is completed via an Android or iOS app and once everything is installed, you can turn any device or appliance plugged into a WeMo Switch on or off from anywhere using your smartphone.

PRICE: £39.99 from Belkin.

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SITU scales

The SITU scales aren't just any kitchen scales, they are scales that connect to an iPad via Bluetooth and present exactly what it is you're consuming in terms of calories, nutrients and weight.

There are several screens within the app including a scale screen that features drag and drop functionality to allow you to easily select the food you are weighing when you swipe through the food categories.

The whole family can use it and each user will be able to track entire meals as well as track nutrition intake history within the app. A settings screen also enables you to use Government recommended daily allowances to see how you're doing in relation to them.

PRICE: £79.99 from SITU.

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Samsung WW9000 washing machine

A washing machine doesn't necessarily always go in the kitchen but it is an appliance and the Samsung WW9000 is a super clever one, not just because it turns dirty clothes into clean ones but because it tells you when it's done it via your smartphone.

It comes packed with features, as many of Samsung's home appliances do, with six speciality cycles including Cooking & Dining, Active Sports and Active Kids, but more interestingly, the WW9000 can be monitored via an iOS or Android app.

The app will allow you to see the remaining time of a cycle, keep an eye on cycle selections, start or pause a cycle, as well as alert you when a cycle is complete. It's also smart in that it has sensors to detect information about the washing load you are doing and selects the program with the right temperature, washing time and spin speeds.

PRICE: £1700 from Samsung.

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AGA iTotal Control

Moving into much pricier territory is the AGA iTotal Control cooker that offers three ovens which can be controlled from wherever you are using a smartphone, PC, Mac, tablet or even a standard mobile phone.

It's not a cheap investment by any stretch of the imagination, but the the iTotal Control does feature a touch-screen user panel on the appliance itself and you will be able to remotely ensure the three ovens are warm and your dinner is cooked at exactly the time you need it no matter where you are. There are five commands comprising 'All Ovens On', 'All Zones Off'. 'Roasting Oven On', 'Baking Oven On' and 'Simmering Oven On'.

For those who don't have a smartphone, laptop or tablet, they can send a text message to the AGA telling it which oven they want turned on and the AGA will reply to let them know it has been switched on or off. There is a SIM-card within the AGA iTotal Control cooker to receive the commands.

PRICE: From £11,295 (told you it wasn't cheap) from AGA.