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(Pocket-lint) - Meld makes the bold promise of creating the perfect meal every time you use your hob. It does this using an intelligent temperature sensor and automatic knob adjuster in combination with an app.

Meld, which has currently raised over $72,000 of its $50,000 Kickstarter goal, was designed to work with your current kitchen. Presuming you have knobs on your hob then Meld can control it.

Meld replaces a current hob knob and uses batteries and a motor to allow it to adjust temperature remotely. This works in conjunction with a temperature Clip which sits in the pot you're cooking - it measures heat within a degree of accuracy. All this works with an iOS and Android friendly app which has pre-loaded dishes to get perfect results every time.

According to the Meld creators it's ideal for slow cooking, simmering, poaching and more. Users can adjust the temperature manually, using the knob or remotely using the app. Or it can be left up to Meld to maintain the perfect temperature for the ideal finish. At last the perfect poached egg, every time, could be here.

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The Meld Knob and Clip can be bought for $129 which is about £86 on Kickstarter now or for $150 which is about £100 when it launches. Expect shipping to begin worldwide from October.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.