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(Pocket-lint) - We can't wait for a day when all of our homes and devices and appliances and doors and windows and cars and lives will be smart and automated. That's why it's exciting when new projects for internet-connected stuff like Sesame land on Kickstarter.

Sesame is a smart lock for doors. It's very new, with still 59 days left to go, but it's already very close to hitting its goal of $100,000. The idea is that you can use Sesame to lock and unlock your door. It fits onto your door with little handy work involved, and then you can use the Sesame app on your phone to gain access to your home. You can even program a custom knock that'll work on your phone or door.

Once you knock, you're door will unlock. Simples, right? Other features include the ability to share access with friends, receive notifications whenever they open or closs your door, a 500-day lithium battery life, and military-grade encryption. To install Sesame, simply tape it with a single strip of 3M Command tape (supplied). It fits over just about any deadbolt made in the USA, Canada, and Australia.

You can pledge $89 to get a Seasame with local connection via Bluetooth, or you can pledge $139 to get a Sesame with a Wi-Fi access point. It'll upgrade your Sesame so that it supports both local and remote connection capabilities. It is expected to start shipping worldwide in May.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.