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(Pocket-lint) - You've probably heard of high-tech hotels with robots and all sorts of machinery and software designed to help you live in the lap of space-age luxury for a night or two, but there's another type of hotel for those wanting the exact opposite.

Myhotels Bloomsbury has partnered with Phi harmonics, a manufacturer of these things called energyDOTs as well as Planet Organic, to offer a Dot.com Detox package. The package will ensure you have a rejuvenating night’s sleep, but it also eliminates "electro-pollution" and promises to recharge "personal energy reserves".

People who are digitally dependent can also get the package to combat the alleged harmful effects of electromagnetic frequencies. It includes one overnight stay, Phi harmonic's bioTAG and electroDot, one green juice voucher from Planet Organic, and one YMCA gym pass.

The bioTAG should worn at all times and attaches to whatever you're wearing. It' designed to restore and rebalance energy levels for improved vitality, while the electroDOT helps to relieve electrostress triggered by electromagnetic frequencies. It even harmonises radiation from mobile phones and other electronic devices.

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"It’s been reported that prolonged exposure to these unnatural frequencies can have adverse effects on our health," explained Myhotels on its website. "Bloomsbury provides a sanctuary from the surrounding invisible electromagnetic emissions generated by electricity, electronics and wireless technology."

If you believe in this sort of thing and want to give it a go, the Dot.com Detox package at Myhotel Bloomsbury, which includes boutique hotels in Chelsea and Brighton, is available from 1-28 February at a fixed rate of £159.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.