Misfit has announced a wirelessly connected colour-changing smart bulb called Bolt at CES 2015, looking to take on the likes of Philips Hue and Elgato.

The Misfit Bolt can be controlled using the Misfit Home app, which will be available on Android and iOS, and like Hue, it will allow users to transform their living space by choosing from millions of colour combinations or by creating lightscapes from pre-made scenes or photos.

What makes Bolt a little different however, is that it doesn't require a hub and it can be used in combination with Misfit's sleep sensing products to gently wake you up with a sunrise simulation during your lightest stages of sleep.

The Misfit Bolt will be compatible the Misfit Shine, Flash and Beddit products. You'll also be able to control the Bolt through the Logitec Harmony Home remote and app.

Misfit claims the Bolt light bulb has a wide-angle light dispersion to ensure there are no hot spots and the warm white light is said to be bright enough for everyday lighting, as well as offer the ability to create a bold statement with its colour choices.

The Misfit Bolt is available for pre-order now from Misfit.com and it will cost you $49.99.