iKettle maker Smarter has expanded its range to cater for coffee lovers too by launching a bean-to-cup coffee machine at CES in Las Vegas.

The £129 coffee machine, which is due to hit the UK in March, will offer coffee fans the chance to have freshly ground coffee at the push of a button on their phone or merely because they've walked in through the front door.

Working in a similar vein to the company's iKettle Wi-Fi connected kettle, the coffee machine will be controlled from free iOS and Android apps.

The Smarter coffee machine is able to wake you when your morning cup of Joe is ready, let you know when it needs refilling, or even ask you if you want it to make you a cup of coffee when you enter the house, using its ‘welcome home’ mode.

The coffee machine even takes things one step further by allowing you to create recipes via IFTTT.com. The move means you could have it start brewing based on your location, or insist it makes you a stronger cup of coffee based on whether you get a bad night's sleep because you've agreed for that data to be shared with the service.