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(Pocket-lint) - The smart thermostat from Nest just got a lot smarter, thanks to Google.

Imagine feeling a little cold while sitting on your couch, but instead of getting up and turning up the heat or playing with temperature controls buried in a smartphone app, you could just say: "Turn the thermostat to 70 F degrees". Well, starting today, that's possible for Nest thermostat owners who also have access to an Android smartphone or tablet.

According to Android Police, Nest and Google Now have integrated, making it easier for you to control your smart thermostat. Droid-Life first reported that voice-controlled functionality was coming soon, but now it has finally arrived as sort of a mini Christmas present for those of you who wish to turn the heat up or down with just a spoken phrase.

You can now use standard commands, following the words OK Google, such as "change temperature to...", "set Nest to...", "turn the thermostat to...", "alter the temperature to...", and you get the point. A Google Now card will even appear when the system automatically changes or does something like adjust the climate in your house, according to Android Police.

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Work with Nestyou can now control nest thermostat with your voice if you own an android phone image 3

Keep in mind Google acquired Nest Labs for $3.2 billion earlier this year, so it's no too surprising that Google would enable Nest to be voice-controlled through its Google Now personal assistant service. Currently, however, functionality is limited to the Google Search for Android app. It's likely iOS users will one day get the same perk.

Visit the Works With Nest webpage to setup voice control today. You must first opt-in and authorise your account.

Writing by Elyse Betters.