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(Pocket-lint) - Electrolux has crowned the Future Hunter-Gatherer concept as the winner of its 2014 Design Lab competition, an annual event that asks design students worldwide to design a concept according to a time-relevant brief.

This year's competition featured over 1700 entrants, all of which were designing concept products based around the brief of creating a healthy home.

The entrants were whittled down to just six finalists over a number of months and these six then presented their weird, whacky and brilliant concepts at the Electrolux Design Lab final in Paris. Future Hunter-Gatherer receives the €5000 prize, along with a six-month internship at Electrolux Global Design centre in Stockholm, with the Lotus gaining second place and UrbanCONE receiving third.

Future Hunter-Gatherer is a concept that combines gaming with education to create a healthy home. The idea behind the concept is a virtual grocery shopping experience that is inspired by nature.

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The small, circular gadget allows the user to select the type of product they want to search for, such as fish, and then projects a hologram into the room so you can "catch" what you want to order. Once you have caught, hunted or gathered the product, it is then transmitted to your local supermarket or market and delivered to your door. 

It is far-fetched to say the least but the judges said the Future Hunter-Gatherer concept "addresses issues from ecological and consumer realms related to the for chain in an urban society".

Pan Wang from the UK and China was the designer behind the winning concept and while it is unlikely to come to your average kitchen anytime soon, nor the other six finalist concepts, they are good representations of what technology could achieve one day and how smart our homes could really get.

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Writing by Britta O'Boyle.