(Pocket-lint) - Quirky and General Electric have unveiled seven new smart devices, and each of them are under $100 and capable of automating your home. Some of them will even interact with smart devices from other companies.

New York City-based Quirky is an invention company that allows inventors to submit ideas and then assists some of them with the development process. Quirky often sells the inventions through its online shop or retail stores like Home Depot and Best Buy. Quirky receives financial backing from GE, and in return, co-develops dozens of new smart devices for GE.

GE invested $30 million into Quirky in 2013 and has since given much more including access to its library of industrial patents. The two companies have already produced a range of niche smart devices - including the Aros smart air conditioner. You can also use the Quirky+GE Wink app to wirelessly communicate with, control, and monitor specific Quirky+GE smart devices.

In an attempt to spearhead both the connected home and Internet of Things trends, the Quirky+GE brand has unleashed a new onslaught of affordable smart devices that work with the Wink app, each other, and competing devices. Keep reading to learn more about what they are and how they will change (and control) your house.

Quirky+GE's 7 new smart devices:

Spotter Uniq

Spotter Uniq is the latest version of Quirky+GE's original Spotter Multipurpose Sensor. Starting at just $30, it allows you to connect up to four sensors and thus use up to four functions.

You can have a Spotter Uniq sensor for monitoring sound, motion, light, temperature, humidity, air quality, carbon monoxide, barometric pressure, moisture detector, etc. Sensor Uniq is also customisable in terms of hardware.

When buying through Quirky's online shop, you can add buttons, an LED screen, a lithium ion battery, a microphone, speakers, a gyroscope, an accelerometer. You can even choose a specific colour finish such as white, black, or green.

Like other Quirky+GE devices, you control the Spotter Uniq through the free Wink app for Android and iOS devices. It'll let you program each sensor, and then the sensor will trigger other connected gadgets in your Wink ecosystem.

So, let's say you have a green Spotter Uniq sensor with a microphone. If it hears any sounds, it will trigger a GE Link bulb to turn on. The Wink app will let you program the sensor and bulb so that they work together.

You can buy Spotter Uniq sensors starting today.


Norm is also called "Death of a thermostat", according to Quirky. It costs $80 and essentially works like Nest's thermostat. Norm lets you monitor and adjust your house's temperature from anywhere. Just use the Wink app on your mobile device.

The app will even set Norm to start heating or cooling when you’re on the way home, based on your smartphone’s location. And of course you'll be able to track your usage and energy costs. All that aside, the coolest part about Norm is its syncing ability.

You can use Norm with other Quirky+GE devices such as the Aros smart air conditioner or Spotter Uniq sensors. If those devices recognise, let's say, humidity changes, they will trigger Norm to react.

Norm also works with the $50 Wink Hub and $300 Wink Relay (more on those later - see Tapt) and is available for pre-order now.


Tapt is like a wall-mounted light switch, only it will control standard and smart bulbs and features programmable buttons so that it is able to trigger other smart products in your home. You can also use it with the Wink app to schedule your lights to turn on or off.

But the key feature here is the ability to trigger other smart products: when ready for bed, Tapt will to not only turn off your lights but also lower your blinds and lock the doors, etc. Just create a custom "scene" using the $50 Wink Hub.

The Wink Hub is an existing Quirky+GE device that allows smart products from a variety of brands to interact together. A similar (yet more expensive) device is the $300 Wink Relay. The Wink Relay acts like a command center of sorts.

Both Wink Hub and Wink Relay enable Tapt, which costs $60 and is available for pre-order, to control a range of smart devices beyond lights (such as blinds and door locks).


Tripper is a sensor you can install it on your bedroom window, front door, medicine cabinet, etc, and it’ll send you real-time alerts whenever that window or door is opened/closed.

It works with the Wink app in order to notify you of a change in door or window status. You can also use it with the $50 Wink Hub or $300 Wink Relay to connect it to other smart home products.

In other words, Tripper, which costs $40 and is available for pre-order, can do things like automatically switch on the front door lights when the front door is opened.


Outlink is a wall outlet that features one standard outlet and a smart outlet. You can turn the smart outlet on or off, remotely, or program it to turn on or off according to a schedule.

The coolest part about the smart outlet, which is the top outlet, is that it monitors your energy consumption. Just use the Wink app to see how much energy a plugged-in device is using, and you can set a monthly energy budget and get mobile alerts.

Although Outlink might seem pretty simple, it's perfect for those of you who are trying to watch your spending or have trouble remembering whether you left the coffee pot on in the morning.

Outlink costs $50 and is available for pre-order now.


Does your basement flood often?

If so, consider getting Overflow. It's a sensor specifically for detecting standing water in basements, vacation homes, and more. It sends you real-time notifications whenever this is an issue.

Overflow, which costs $35 and is available for pre-order, works with Wink app on your mobile device as well as the $50 Wink Hub or $300 Wink Relay.

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Ascend is a garage door opener. It works with the Wink app, letting you open and close your garage door from anywhere. Quirky promised that Ascend works with most existing openers.

Apart from remotely controlling your garage door, you sends real-time alerts to your smartphone whenever someone enters your garage. You can even monitor your garage's status from your smartphone.

Ascend costs $100 and is available for pre-order now.

Writing by Elyse Betters.