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(Pocket-lint) - Baking is fun, tastes good and can be done by almost anyone. The downside is the boring preparation parts and clean up, or at least it was until the PantryChic arrived.

PantryChic is a brilliantly simple idea that appears to have been executed to perfection ready for its Indiegogo funding.

The PantryChic essentially allows you to store ingredients in special boxes which can be attached to the unit. That means when you need a certain amount of flour, say, you just attach that box, tap in the amount you want and it's dispensed into the mixing bowl. No measuring, no fiddling with packaging, no spillage. It's a bit like being a professional chef with staff doing the boring bits for you so you can focus on the perfect result – expect your help is a machine.

The unit not only does ingredient distribution but has Bluetooth meaning you can find recipes on your smartphone and send them to the PantryChic. It should mean that measurements are more accurate than conventional cooking methods offer so the result should be more consistent meaning whatever you make should be perfect every time. And since the units of measurement can be selected there won't be anymore converting of cups and the like anymore.

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PantryChic will launch on Indiegogo on 18 November when pricing and release date should be revealed.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.