Most people love a cuppa, whether it's tea, coffee or hot chocolate and even if you don't, chances are you still use a kettle to boil water for some purpose or another.

There is an even faster way than waiting for the kettle for your pasta or PG Tips though. You won't get to use an app like the iKettle and they will cost you a few more pennies than your average kettle, but these boiling water taps are still pretty smart in their own right.

Grohe Red Duo

First impressions of the Grohe Red Duo tap would make you think of just another kitchen tap but if you look a little closer, you'll find it is a little more special than that. The Grohe Red not only fulfils the role of a standard tap delivering mixed water, but it also allows you to draw filtered kettle-hot water from it too.

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It comes in Starlight Chrome and Supersteel finishes and it will keep three litres of kettle-hot water ready for immediate use at all times. For those that already have a perfectly functional kitchen tap, there is the option of the Grohe Red Mono that just gives you the kettle-hot water. Both the Duo and Mono come with integrated safety mechanisms and the company's CoolTouch technology to prevent scalding injuries.

PRICE: From £1407.35

InSinkErator 3N1

InSinkErator is a company best know for its waste disposal systems but like Grohe, it also offers a kitchen tap that delivers both mixed water and 98-degree boiling water from the same source - the 3N1 steaming hot water tap.

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It is said to be 20 per cent more energy efficient than a kettle and it comes with a self-closing, easy to grip hot water handle that features a push-lever safety locking mechanism to ensure you don't accidentally draw boiling water. The 3N1 steaming hot water tap has a 2.5-litre tank that you'll need to fit in under the cupboard and it comes in chrome or brushed stainless steel finishes.

PRICE: £799  

Quooker Fusion

Quooker has a number of boiling water taps to choose from including Fusion, which delivers hot, cold and boiling water from the polished or brushed chrome, round or square shaped spout. All the Quooker taps sit on top of your worktop with a tank underneath like the others on this list.

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A child proof handle helps avoid accidents, while insulated sides make sure the Quooker taps aren't hot to touch and they should be cheaper than boiling a kettle too as the company claims a Quooker tap only costs 3p a day to run.

PRICE: From £1150

Franke Minerva 3-in-1

The Franke Minerva 3-in-1 Kettle Tap delivers 100-degree boiling water along with hot and cold options, all from the same chrome rounded spout that has an overall height of 362.5mm and a spout reach of 189mm.

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As with the other boiling water taps, the Minerva 3-in-1 Kettle Tap has a safety function to minimise accidents and a tank that needs to fit into the cupboard underneath your sink, plus you'll need a minimum water pressure of 1.5 bar.

PRICE: £1070


The Zip HydroTao is a little different to the others on this list as it doesn't look like a traditional kitchen tap. There are still a number of options though including the All-In-One that delivers boiling and chilled filtered water, as well as hot and cold and the Sparkling model that gives you boiling filtered water, chilled filtered water and sparking chilled water.

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The Zip HydroTap All-In-One comes with a safety feature to make sure any of the little ones in your house don't hurt themselves and you'll find a normal tap lever on the right for operating the hot and cold water, while the boiling and chilled water is delivered by pushing down on the buttons at the top.

PRICE: £2694