(Pocket-lint) - Just about every home has a smoke alarm these days - if you don't, you should - and even just one placed in a house can be quite literally life saving. However, what if there's a fire at your home and you're not there to hear the alarm go off? How would you know?

The Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight is a clever little device that, as well as emit a softly glowing LED light that can be set to whatever colour you choose (from 16 million options), reacts to the trilling sound of a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm and instantly calls or texts your smartphone to let you know.

The nighlight will even contact a friend or family member if you're unavailable.

In addition, it can read the humidity and temperature in a room and feed those details back to the dedicated iOS application, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (it has both wireless technologies on board). It can be set to look out for high or low bands of both readings and trigger alerts when they exceed designated thresholds.

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At $99 (around £60) it's an expensive first outing for new tech start-up Leeo, especially if you want several dotted around the house, but it's a great idea and is simple to install and use.

Leeo will ship the Smart Alert Nightlight to regions outside the US but we're currently not sure whether it comes with alternative plug set-ups or whether you'll also need an adapter.

Writing by Rik Henderson.