Blenders fall into the category of kitchen gadgets you don't realise you need until you buy one and can't live without it. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, and they will do all sorts from creating cocktail concoctions to making ice cream.

We have rounded up five blenders to consider if you are in the market for one that looks good, has a bunch of fun features, or just one that is full of nutrients after you've blended up your favourite smoothie.


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The NutriBullet certainly lives up to its name in terms of design and it comes with 11 accessories, a powerful motor and bullet cyclonic action to "liquify almost any ingredient".

You can blend all sorts from nuts and seeds to ice and fresh herbs and thanks to the 10,000rpm rotating blade, the NutriBullet should even be able to break down stems to release the nutrients within them.

There is a 380ml short cup and a 680ml tall cup with the 310 x 150 x 140mm, 2.84kg blender and while there is no pulse function, it does come with a Pocket Nutritionist companion guide to help you eat healthily.

PRICE: £99 from Currys and other retailers.

Dualit Dual-Max Juicer

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The Dualit Dual-Max Juicer is all about the fruit and it features double sieve technology to not only juice the fruit, but also juice the remaining pulp to get you more juice.

There is a 70mm wide feeding tube and you'll find an 800W motor as well as an 800ml storage jug with froth separator and a 2-litre removable pulp container for continuous juicing.

It might not crush ice or allow you to make soup, but it comes with a number of juicing recipes and tips, as well as a three day juice plan with Club Dualit to give you a helping healthy hand.

PRICE: £99.99 from Dualit.

Cuisinart 2 in 1 Prep and Blend

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The Cuisinart 2 in 1 Prep and Blend conveniently comes in two parts comprising of a blending accessory and a food processing one so you'll be able to grate, chop, slice, whip, blend and mix without having to buy two machines.

There is a 1.5-litre glass jar and it won't just be able to blend soups and smoothies, but you'll also be able to crush ice for the perfect mojito and its variable speeds also include a pulse mode.

The Cuisinart 2 in 1 Prep and Blend measures 480 x 180 x 220mm, weighs 3.5kg and it has a 600W motor powering it, all while looking pretty slick on your worktop.

PRICE: £124.95 from John Lewis and other retailers.

KitchenAid Artisan Blender

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For a blender that brings a touch of style to your kitchen, the KitchenAid Artisan Blender offers a lovely design available in five colours including red, cream and a cobalt blue. 

It features a metal base with a 1.5-litre glass jug and there are five settings plus ice crushing on board the 380 x 203 x 178mm, 5.88kg blender.

The Artisan Blender can help you make a cake, work up a smoothie, whip up a soup, treat yourself to a cocktail, blend your dinner into baby-friendly dinner or if you are feeling really indulgent, create a face pack for a homemade facial.

PRICE: From £148.50 at John Lewis.

Sage by Heston Blumenthal The Boss Blender

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The Boss Blender from Sage Appliances is by no means cheap but it has it has variable 12 speed control as well as a number of pre-set functions so it can go from a slow stir to a pulverising high speed mill without a problem.

Its pre-set functions include Green Smoothie, Smoothie, Frozen Dessert, Soup and Ice Crush, while its high velocity ProKinetix blade and bowl system claims to be able to handle any combination of ingredients.

The Boss Blender measures 480 x 190 x 220mm, weighs 5.44kg and offers a 2-litre capacity along with a 2200W power and large back-lit LCD display so you can see what setting you have selected.

PRICE: £499.95 from John Lewis and other retailers.

For those who want something a little different to your average blender and are prepared to wait a little longer, there is the Coolest cooler arriving in February next year. It doesn't just act as a cooler to keep ice, drinks and food cold but it comes with an 18 volt built-in battery that can be used to charge your phone or power the blender unit for working up a cocktail.

There is also a removable Bluetooth speaker on board and the battery can also power a light in the lid, while built-in cable ties make sure your picnic kit doesn't go awol.

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