LightwaveRF has announced a smart thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) that will allow you to get precise control over each radiator in your house, saving money and avoiding wasted energy.

The new TRVs will work with LightwaveRF's Boiler Switch and Home Thermostat to give you a smart heating system offering a similar solution to Honeywell's Evohome.

The LightwaveRF TRVs can keep a radiator at a desired temperature, with control from your smartphone if you want to make a room warmer or colder. You can even use this smart device with a Magnetic Trigger, so that if a window is opened, the radiator is turned off. 

lightwaverf smart thermostatic radiator valves give you individual room temperature controls image 2

The new TRV will act as a direct replacement for your existing TRV, so you can simply unscrew the existing one and replace it with something smarter. 

The LightwaveRF thermostatic radiator valve will cost you £49.99 and is the latest piece in the LightwaveRF system comprising of smart lighting, heating and power controls.