(Pocket-lint) - UPDATE: Lightfreq has smashed its $50,000 Kickstarter goal in four days.

Imagine if your bulbs could change colour, turn on as you enter a room, and play music and double as an intercom. Imagine no more, LightFreq is here using bulbs to smarten up your home, easily.

The LightFreq connects via Bluetooth to your mobile after you screw it into a standard light bulb fitting. It's then able to follow you about the house turning lights on as you enter and off as you leave – saving you money.

LightFreq offers multiple colour options and even has built-in speakers which, the company claims, is better than the Beats Pill. This not only means music in any room but also lighting that works in sync – Party Mode changes light colour with the music.

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Lightfreq can also be used as a smart notification point for your mobile. A certain colour flashing, with accompanying noise if you want it, can help to notify you of a message when your phone is in a bag, for example. And the built-in microphone should allow you to use the bulbs as an intercom system which could potentially double as speakerphones.

LightFreq uses 17W of power when on to produce 800 lumens of brightness with 16 million colour options. It will come in screw and bayonet versions to suit all light fittings.

The Lightfreq is on Kickstarter now with a $50,000 goal. One unit will cost backers $55, for the first 50, then $70 for the next 1,000. This includes one LightFreq unit and the accompanying app for controlling it.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.