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(Pocket-lint) - Connected homes are becoming more and more desirable with app-controllable products launching left, right and centre and the crossover between the home and technology more prominent than ever.

It's an exciting time that is moving fast and it's only bound to get better so the last thing you want to do is get left behind. Pocket-lint is here to make sure that doesn't happen and from today, we are giving you a new Smarthome section that will bring you all the latest and keep you up to date through news, reviews and features.

There are already numerous gadgets available, some of which we have touched on before, such as heating and lighting systems. But you'll also find a few new things in the section including a bit more on appliances, smart security options and all kinds of connected things that will help you get the smartest house on the street.

Some of you might find ridiculous, others you'll probably find you didn't even know you wanted until you discovered they existed, but just as you need to know about the latest smartphone, you need to know about the latest smart home gadgets too.

EcoFlow's newest portable power station is the perfect companion for home and away

We've teamed up with Honeywell to bring you heaps of features and reviews to read in our new section this week and beyond, all of which are and will be dedicated to bringing you up to speed on how to get a smart home, so make sure you take a look and keep watching this space.

If you have a product you want to tell us about then get in touch with one of the team through the normal channels or through the feedback form. We hope you enjoy the new section!

Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published on 1 August 2014.