Cats and dogs and other pets - for reasons unknown to mere humans - love to hitch rides on the backs of robot vacuums.

We had the LG Hom-Bot roaming around our house last year, for instance, and while it did its thing, our red tabby cat, Luther, loved picking fights with it. He would climb on the vacuum, pounce on it, and run away from it. Luther apparently decided that the Hom-Bot existed purely for his entertainment - rather than for cleaning up the soil he scoops out of the plant pot every day.

It's not enough for cats to treat you like their personal servant, they must also do it to the expensive gadgets you bought for sucking up their hairballs and clumps of fur. As proof, we've compiled a collection of, well, animals riding robot vacuums. It's a bit of fun for a Friday afternoon to celebrate our smarthome section. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did finding them.

Warning: Everything you're about to see in the gallery below is both hilarious and utterly adorable. You might not even be able to process all that's happening, but, don't worry, you can watch them again and again.

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