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(Pocket-lint) - Birmingham based 383 Labs has introduced Nosee, a smart pollen and air quality sensor that could help hay fever sufferers.

At the moment pollen counts are largely found on weather reports which cover huge areas. The Nosee, will allow users to get a local reading right from their gardens. And as this network grows a larger picture can be painted more accurately of pollen counts and movements – allowing hay fever sufferers to take action.

The Nosee hardware is placed in the garden to detect air quality while the information is accessible via the app, over Wi-Fi. The Nosee is still in the prototype phases now so pricing and release dates haven't been announced. In fact it's more of a test to see if this would work and be popular, it seems.

Notifications can be adapted in the future to fit in with the smart connected home. A light could change colour when pollen levels hit a certain level, or the read-outs could appears on smartwatches and TVs, for example.

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John Newbold, creative director at 383 said: "We created Nosee to highlight how, using a relatively simple sensor and their smartphone, consumers’ lives could be made a whole lot easier. These prototypes help us show people what’s possible right now, and move the future a little nearer."

This isn’t the first smart connected device to reach the garden with weather sensors already built to transmit data over Wi-Fi. There are also plant growth sensors like the Koubachi Plant Sensor Pro.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.