CSR, the company behind Bluetooth, has announced its CSRmesh which can track users at home and let gadgets to talk each other.

This means that when you walk about your smart home with a mobile or smartwatch, Bluetooth devices can activate when you're near. Say you leave the lounge to the hall, the lounge light will turn off and can tell the hall it's done that because you left, making the hall light turn on. The same can happen with Bluetooth speakers set around the house.

The great thing about CSRmesh is that it works with existing Bluetooth devices. So if you have a few Bluetooth speakers, or smart lights, you can now tell them to turn off and on and you move in the house. Presuming thier CSRmesh friendly.

CSR is working to standardise the platform so it works on more devices. It was originally created to support wireless smart lighting. But with dual mode, Bluetooth devices are able to talk to each other increasing the range of controls beyond the Bluetooth device in the user's hand.

You might say, isn’t this already possible with Wi-Fi? It's a very similar principle but Bluetooth has a shorter range with far greater accuracy. This is what allows gadgets to recognise when you enter or leave a room.

A CSRmesh development kit is available now which includes three developer boards, programmer, and access to the full SDK allowing anyone to make their device Bluetooth smart.

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