Household chores like ironing, washing and vacuuming are never particularly enjoyable. In fact, most people hate them and the few that might enjoy them are probably getting paid.

Don't worry though, there is something that could make your life a little easier and make one of these three chores a little more fun – a robotic vacuum cleaner.

They don't come cheap or offer the same suction as your Dyson and you'll need a relatively clutter-free house, but when it comes to making sure there is no hair or dust on your floor, these five models are money well spent.

The Samsung Navibot weighs 4kg and measures 355 x 355 x 105mm so you should certainly see it moving around your house. It features a Visionary Mapping System to make sure it finds the best way, although it won't appreciate being stood on so try to avoid this.

There is a 0.6 litre capacity for collecting dust and it will charge in 2 hours, after which it will clean for 90 minutes before it returns to its docking station for some more juice.

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There are two side brushes and one power brush for picking up various bits of dirt and dust, plus there are 38 sensors on board including seven anti-collision sensors so it should avoid most potential crashes with furniture.

There is a remote control if you want to make the NaviBot do something different but you can set it to do a daily schedule, or choose one of seven programmes and this little robot will clean a 5-metre by 5-metre room in 19 minutes.

PRICE: £449

AVAILABLE: Available now and we found it on Amazon for £299 at time of writing.

The LG Hom-Bot Square weighs 3kg and measures 340 x 340 x 89mm meaning it is a little smaller and lighter than Samsung's offering but still big enough for you to see where it is in your house so you'll know if it is doing a good job.

There is a 0.6-litre capacity and it will clean for 100 minutes before it will need to return to its charging dock to refuel.

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There are 15mm long side brushes to get into all the awkward corners plus Corner Detecting Sensors to ensure this robot knows where to turn. You'll also get Voice Guidance that features over 90 voice alerts.

The Dual Eye 2.0 cameras will find the most efficient cleaning route and there is a Learning Function to make sure it doesn't double its workload by remembering what it has cleaned already.

PRICE: £479.95

AVAILABILITY: Available now from John Lewis.

German manufacturer Miele is probably better known for its normal vacuum cleaners and large white goods but it recently launched the Scout RX1 robotic cleaner, which measures 350 x 350 x 89mm and weighs 2.9kg.

Just like the NaviBot, the Scout RX1 takes two hours to charge up fully but once it is charged it will clean for 120 minutes, which is longer than both Samsung's and LG's offering in this market.

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There are four cleaning programmes including an Auto Mode and Corner Mode, plus the Scout RX1 can climb a carpet up to 20mm and it has a 0.6-litre capacity.

Miele's Scout RX1 features seven anti-collision sensors, along with three anti-fall sensors so you don't need to worry that it will fall down the stairs or crash into your sofa. It also has Smart Navigation to reach difficult areas.

PRICE: £700

AVAILABILITY: Available now from Miele and Amazon.

The Neato Botvac 85 measures 321 x 335 x 100mm and hits the scales at 4.1kg so it is heavier than the Samsung, LG and Miele models, but is a little smaller.

Some might think the design of this robotic vacuum cleaner isn't as pretty as others in the market, but it will show you what it has picked up in its dirt bin. This is quite cool but also quite scary as you can see it working and therefore how dirty your floor is.

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There is a combo brush that is specifically designed to pick up pet hair and this robot features laser-guided technology to scan and map the room, enabling it to pick the best route for cleaning.

You can schedule daily cleans to make sure your house stays spick and span but if you want something tidied up instantly, there are also buttons for spot-cleaning and multi-room cleaning on the Botvac 85.

PRICE: £450

AVAILABILITY: Available now from Maplin, Expansys and Amazon.

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The iRobot Roomba 800 Series is the most advanced iRobot Roomba to date, which utlises an AeroForce Performance cleaning system and Tangle Free AeroForce extractors instead of brushes in order to break down debris and get better suction.

There is room-to-room navigation, along with Dirt Detect Series 2 with Persistant Pass, which means that this robot uses optical and acoustic sensors to find the dirt in your home. It measures 350 x 350 x 90mm, carrying a weight of 3.8kg.

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Edge-cleaning is also offered so it will pick up all the dust from the sides of your rooms and you can pre-set the Roomba 800 to clean your house up to seven times a week.

According to the company, this new robotic vacuum cleaner will remove up to 50 per cent more dirt, debris, dust and hair than previous models in the series, plus there is also a robot mop available so you could have matching robot cleaners making sure your house is spotless.

PRICE: £649

AVAILABILITY: Available now from iRobot.

Admittedly, robot vacuum cleaners on the whole are costly, but if the amount of times you have to dig your conventional vacuum cleaner out from the cupboard is reduced then perhaps it is worth it in the long run.