If you could add dimming to your lights, without having to wire in a new dimmer switch, you would right? That's what Nanoleaf believes and it's why it has made the Bloom lightbulb which can be dimmed using a normal light switch.

Nanoleaf, better known for its super low-power LED bulbs, is back with an improved model in its Bloom bulb. It can be screwed into your normal light socket and controlled from the switch. Should you want to dim, flick the switch on to get it to fade up then quickly turn it off and on when it's at the desired brightness to hold it there. Simple but a very clever way to make a normal switch a dimmer.

The bulb itself is a 10W low-power type that's the equivalent to a 75W standard bulb, so plenty bright at 1200 lumens and 3000K. Dimming the light to 50 per cent brightness will mean the bulb uses just 2.6W of power, saving you money.

The Bloom also has a night mode which uses just 0.5W of power for a sleep-friendly 5 per cent brightness.

And Nanoleaf says the Bloom will last you 30,000 hours – that's 27 years when used three hours a day.

The Nanoleaf Bloom is currently on Kickstarter, smashing its goal, with a shipping date set for December. You can order yours now for $40.

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