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(Pocket-lint) - Selfie toast. That's a thing now. No not the toaster from last year that burns the face of Jesus onto bread, but a toaster that can burn yours or any face you want.

Why would I want to burn a selfies of myself onto my toast? Not a question the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation let it stop it making the $75 toaster. If you're going to shell out for a toaster, you might as well get one that personalises your bread, right?

The selfie toaster cooks the bread until golden brown then lightly burns the face you've chosen onto the toast. This can be turned up and down depending on how well cooked you want it and how clear you want the face to appear.

The toaster is available to order now for $75 in blue, red, yellow, green or powder coloured edging. Send in the picture you want and the toaster is made so it will burn that face into the bread every time.

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Company president, Galen Dively, says: "Before, setup fees and large minimums effectively limited personalised toasters to larger companies, corporations and individuals with deep pockets. We are creating a whole new market; personalised impressions on toast available to all."

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Writing by Luke Edwards.