Smart homes mean gadgets that communicate, but at what cost? More power drain is coming as the home gets smarter and Smappee is here to let you know what's draining power and where.

Smappee claims it'll be able to cut £2.8 billion from UK energy bills. At a time when an energy crisis looms this will be a welcome piece of kit.

Clamp Smappee onto the main power cable in your home and it'll tell you every single device draining juice and even let you shut them off using the app. It also learns about your energy usage meaning it should, theoretically, work automatically eventually.

Smappee also allows for grouping, so you could control an entire room with a single icon tap. And if you've got solar panels Smappee tracks them too so you can see how much juice is eco-friendly.

Smappee says the energy monitor, priced at £169, will pay for itself in just over a year by reducing the bill of a four person UK house by 12 per cent. The Smappee energy monitor is available now in the UK.

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