(Pocket-lint) - Technology not only makes certain things more fun but can also save time and money. The latest example is a new gadget that turns anyone into a world-class bartender.

Retail gadget site Firebox has a new product available called The Perfect Drink. It's basically a smart scale that works with an app. The app serves up recipes for hundreds of classic or modern drinks. All you have to do is follow those instructions on your mobile device and use the included scale to pour exact amounts in your glass - without measuring a thing. In the end, you will have created a perfectly proportionate cocktail. No bartender training or measuring cups required.

The scale requires three AAA batteries and connects to your Android or iOS smartphone via the 3.5mm jack, while the complementary app shows you ingredient lists and a virtual glass that fills up in real-time. When combined, both the scale and app eliminate the need for measuring. They take into account shaking and stirring time, ice quantities, and garnishes. As you add ingredients to your glass, the app tells you when to stop and move on to the next step.

You can create individual-sized cocktails with The Perfect Drink or use the Serving size mode to create large party-sized pitchers of drinks. But that's not all: a Cabinet feature within the app allows you to browse drink recipes for the spirits you already own. You won't even have to buy a stainless steel cocktail shaker or a mobile device stand, because the smart scale kit comes with those pieces as well.

"Simply place your vessel of choice (or the included stainless steel cocktail shaker) on the scale and start pouring. This ingenious device makes a whopping 30 measurements per second so that you don't have to," explained Firebox's product listing. "Just watch on your screen as the virtual glass fills up in real time and tells you precisely when to stop pouring. Don't worry if you over-pour an ingredient as the app will automatically re-adjust the recipe to compensate."

The Perfect Drink costs $102.19 and currently offers free delivery in the UK.

Writing by Elyse Betters.