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(Pocket-lint) - Archos has just launched the Smart Home set-up it debuted earlier this year.

Archos revealed at CES 2014 in January that it wanted to move into remote home monitoring. The company announced a new range of "Connected Objects" called Smart Home, and those products included things like motion sensors, mini cameras, alarms, and smart plugs. They each use Bluetooth LE and connect through a central hub, an Android tablet called the Smart Home Tablet.

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The idea is to give you a wireless system that's scaleable, meaning you can add elements as you change the set-up in your home. Archos detailed to Pocket-lint that this wasn't about home automation, but instead is designed to be flexible and fun. However the company said you could, for instance, take a picture when someone opens the front door and then have a notification and that picture sent to your Android or iOS smartphone.

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Archos' Smart Home starter pack is now available for purchase. The pack comes with the Smart Home Tablet, two Mini Cams to take pictures, two Movement Tags to detect movement and door openings, and two Weather Tags to measure temperature and humidity. You'll also get to use an app called Tasker. It lets you tie actions to triggers. A trigger can be anything from a time or location, and the action is a task (such as loading an app or changing median volume).

The Smart Home starter pack costs £199.99 on Archos' website. Connected Objects are also available as stand-alone products. Prices range but start at £29.99. Archos said it would launch more compatible products - like a smart plug to control power supply, a siren to serve as an alarm, and a motion ball to detect movement - later this summer.

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Pocket-lint went hands-on with Smart Home in January and described it as a clever system. Archos seemed keen to emphasise that the idea is to offer something simple that won't be overly confusing. Smart Home is designed to be modular and easily expandable as your wants and needs change.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.