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(Pocket-lint) - Tado has announced that its Tado Cooling system has passed the funding goal of $150,000 on Kickstarter so will start to deliver the product from August.

In addition, as a response to Apple's announcement that iOS 8 will contain home automation controls in the operating system itself, the manufacturer has confirmed that Tado Cooling will include HomeKit integration for when the new iOS becomes available.

Tado Cooling commands any remote controlled air conditioning unit and therefore enables you to set your home's temperature via an iPhone application. This can be done while you're at home or on the move and can turn your AC off when you are away, or be set to pre-cool your home before you arrive.

The system consists of a control box and iPhone app. The app sends commands to the internet-connected control box, which then sends an IR signal to the air conditioning unit. Using iBeacon the box can also tell when you are in the room (or at least when your phone is) so will adapt the AC where you are located. It can also work in a similar way with Bluetooth.

It also has a humidity sensor that will ensure that the humidity in your home is at a set level. There is a temperature sensor too, and you can see all the results remotely on the app.

A capacitive surface is present for manual control and the box connects to your home Wi-Fi connection rather than requite Ethernet.

Apple's HomeKit technology will allow Tado and other manufacturers of home automation kit to enhance and add further features to their products, include Siri voice control. Tado says that it will look to add HomeKit to other devices if it reaches a second Kickstarter goal for the cooling system of $200,000.

You can see Tado Cooling's Kickstarter project at kickstarter.com.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.