If you're looking to make your kitchen a little smarter, AEG has announced Hob2Hood Connect, a system that lets your induction hob talk to your extractor hood. 

The aim is to save you from having to stop cooking to poke buttons on the front of your hood. Instead, your MaxiSense induction hob uses infrared to automatically control the hood, responding to your cooking as necessary.

The AEG MaxiSense HK854401FB 4-zone induction hob (£999) is compatible with three models of AEG hood, the X69453MD02, X69453BC03 or X69453MV01 (each £899). 

AEG says that Hob2Hood Connect will help keep your kitchen fresh when cooking thanks to the two-step extraction. The first step triggers just before you reach boiling temperature, the second before you reach frying temperature. 

But you won't be a slave to the automatic controls: there's a touch control on the hob, letting you change the fan speed at your behest.

Aside from hood control, the MaxiSense hob offers plenty of smart controls, including AutoMax to quick bring something to the boil and then reduce the temperature, and Stop+Go to let you pause cooking and then resume, remembering your settings.

The new AEG Hob2Hood Connect appliances will be available from May 2014.