De'Longhi, the company most famous for coffee machines, has announced that it is taking on Tefal and your humble oven with the launch of a new cooking gadget backed by renowned chef Mark Sargeant.

The De'Longhi Multifry is designed to let you ditch your conventional oven when it comes to cooking chips, curry, pizza or even the odd quiche.

Costing £159 when it launches in June, the new gadget will let you cook up to 1.7kg of potatoes (that's enough for eight portions) at a time, as well as other ingredients. 

While that feat is nothing out of the ordinary, De'Longhi is hoping a removable paddle, that will constantly stir up the perfect risotto, is. Combined with top and under pan heaters, it should allow you to cook up the perfect meal, something that Pocket-lint enjoyed in London with Sargeant at the launch of the device. 

Our meal consisted of a number of dishes, including king prawn and chorizo in tomato and garlic sauce, smoked salmon paella, and caramelised apple crumble. It showed the diversity available, although as Sargeant confessed to Pocket-lint, you don't get the same level of feedback as you would cooking with more traditional pots and pans.

His response however, will please the multi-taskers and students amongst us. Sargeant told us that since using the new gadget in his own kitchen, it has allowed him to spend more time with his family while he as been cooking, save on the washing up, and free up time to watch the F1. His favourite dish is a simple Rick Stein curry cooked in the Multifry from start to finish. 

Whether you believe that is up to you, but face to face he seemed to be genuine, telling us after the main question time that "nobody asks questions these days" - pat on the back for us.

Those keen to try some of the former Claridge's chef's dishes will be able to do so via a dedicated app that the company has launched to coincide with the new kitchen accessory for both iPhone and Android.

And for those just wanting just chips, De'Longhi says you can cook up a portion in under 30 minutes.