Science says differing lights can affect mood. If science says so then it must be true. With that in mind Holi has released the Smart Mood Lamp which, you guessed it, uses light to affect your mood.

Let's hope it works as by the time you plug it in, £180 poorer, you'll likely need it.

The Holi Smart Mood Lamp comes with an iOS app that gives you full control of the lighting system. Use its glow to enhance a dull wall, shift colours in time with your music, make it a posh photo frame, or use as a gentle dawn simulating wake-up call.

Named after the Hindu festival of colours, the minimal ambient light should look at home in most surroundings. And with 500 lumens of brightness it will work even in large spaces.

The Holi Smart Mood Lamp is iOS compatible only for now but an Android app is on its way. If your mood can handle dropping £180 on a smart light, or even if it can't, the Holi Smart Mood Lamp is for you.