We've seen plenty of fun things at CES this year, rap dancing bears, robots on bicycles, flexible 4K TV, and yes, a robot that has been designed to clean your BBQ grill so you don't have to.

Taking a similar approach to the BBQ as iRobot does to your carpets, the robotic cleaner is a simple to use device that will get to work on your grill top until it's all clean.

The robot works by having three steel brushes than whizz around at speed getting rid of all the dirt and grime. At the end of the cleaning session you simply remove the brushes, pop them in the dishwasher and are ready to go for the next clean.

The robot costs $119 dollars comes in four colours - red, blue, black and orange - and has a built in LCD alarm and timer. It doesn't even care if your grill is still hot.