Smeg has announced that the red variant of its SMEG500, a retro refrigerator made from an old Fiat 500, is now available in the UK.

The appliance manufacturer teamed up with Fiat in June last year to produce the fridge, by removing the back end and engine of the old Fiat 500 and introduces an icebox under the bonnet.

The SMEG500 is already available in green and white, but the company has now introduced the red colour to the UK, just in case you fancied a classic car in your kitchen but didn't think the green or white made enough of a statement.

The fridge will offer a net capacity of 100 litres, with three removable bottle holders and a removable glass shelf. It measures 830 x 125 x 800mm and has an energy rating of A+, although that might change if you keep turning the headlights on and off. Yes, you can do that.

If you do happen to want half a pristinely restored vintage car with a fridge built into it in your house, then you'll need around £5,000 - and a pretty big kitchen.