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(Pocket-lint) - A new system has been developed that turns your bath into an audio speaker.

The Sound Wave system, by Kaldewei, will be available through John Lewis in the UK and transforms any 3.5mm steel enamel bath into a super-sized Bluetooth speaker which is enhanced and amplified when the bath is filled with water. That means the vibrations of the sound even pass through the water, making it a unique and more soothing listening experience. Presuming you’re not on the death metal when bathing of course.

Pair the bath audio system with a Bluetooth-enabled device like a tablet or smartphone and any music can be played from it, with up to eight devices paired in the system’s memory.

Listening to the sounds of the ocean while in the bath could act as a really calming experience. Or perhaps you want to surround yourself with a forest while bathing? Since the entire system is built into the bath all you need to do is find the tracks on your smart device and the bath will do the rest.

The Kaldewei Sound Wave system will be on sale exclusively from the flagship John Lewis shop on Oxford Street where it will sell for £587.

Sound Wave is one of a number of innovations on show at John Lewis’s newly opened Fitted Studio at its Oxford Street shop. The 6,500sq ft studio designs and fits kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and personalised wine cellars, and includes 55 different displays.

Writing by Luke Edwards.