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(Pocket-lint) - Tesco will be the exclusive stockist of the new Dyson Hard (DC56) when it hits the UK on 31 October.

Designed specifically for those with hard flooring, the Hard belongs to the same wireless vacuum cleaner family as the DC44 and DC59 Digital Slim models, but with a new head that allows a user to wipe grime at the same time as vacuuming up dust.

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It features a lithium-ion battery that will deliver up to 15 minutes of fade free performance - in that it will not slowly lose power, instead alerting you when the battery is nearly dead for you to put it in recharge. Plus, a number of other attachments are included, so you can use it as a conventional hand vacuum should you not need the wiping tool.

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A detachable wand can also help you get to hard to reach places. Other features include a Dyson digital motor V2, which spins at 104,000rpm, and bundled wipes for Hard floor cleaning and Wood nourishing.

ABS Polycarbonate makes up the vacuum's body. As for the wand, Dyson engineers made it from aluminium, which allows for "extra push force in picking up grime". Those same engineers also conducted exactly 5,896 slap, drop and knock-over tests on the vacuum on a variety of hard flooring to ensure durability.

"Good technology should make everyday tasks quicker and easier. Dyson's high-speed motor technology has enabled Dyson engineers to develop a cordless machine capable of vacuuming dirt and wiping away grime simultaneously. One machine doing two jobs, in one action," said James Dyson, company CEO and founder.

The Dyson Hard will be available both in Tesco retail stores and online as tesco.com. It will be priced at £249.

Writing by Rik Henderson.