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(Pocket-lint) - Sharp scientists are looking into the possibility of an interactive chopping board that is currently a prototype becoming a full consumer product.

Designed by Siobhán Andrews, winner of Sharp's paid internship competition in the UK, the Sharp Cho-Syc comes with an interactive screen to view recipes while you prepare in the kitchen and connects wirelessly to the internet. It is robust enough to allow you to chop your food on the surface, while built-in weighing scales ensure that your food quantities are correct.

The screen is made from toughened, scratch-resistant glass and the board can be placed on a rechargeable mat, negating the need for wires from the Chop-Syc itself - you won't want to slice through those by accident.

sharp chop syc interactive chopping board just a prototype but could be released in future image 2

There is a 2mm edge around the board to stop spillage and the screen is slightly slanted and tapered on one end to make it easier to transfer the chopped food to a pan.

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Plans for the Chop-Syc also include automated recommendations on healthy portion sizes in on-screen recipes that work with the weighing scales.

"It's been a wonderful experience working alongside some of the greatest minds in product design and innovation," said Andrews. "The team at Sharp Laboratories has provided amazing knowledge and guidance. I'm delighted to have developed a working prototype of Chop-Syc in my short time here."

Writing by Rik Henderson.