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(Pocket-lint) - Swedish housewares giant IKEA has begun selling solar panel packages to customers in the UK.

The retailer has long-touted going green, and has even used solar power for its own stores, but now it wants customers to go green with them. IKEA has announced it will offer photovoltaic solar panels, including installation, at all 17 of its British stores within the next 10 months.

Southampton is the first store to offer the panels, which Hanergy Solar UK manufactures. It's worth noting that major retailers in the US, such as Loewe's and Home Depot, have offered renewable energy sources like solar panels for years, though the same options are just now becoming available in other countries like the UK through IKEA.

As for how much the solar panels will retail for at IKEA, a 3.36 kilowatt system is £5,700 in Britain. Who knew going green could cost so much green? However, on top of installation, the expense does include in-store consultation and maintenance services.

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IKEA has said it wants to power at least 70 per cent of its energy needs with wind and solar by 2015, and it hopes to reach 100 per cent by 2020. The company is clearly also hoping that Brits will make the conscious decision to transition with them.

Writing by Elyse Betters.