Vacuum cleaners are normally designed to pick up rubbish not be made of it, but that’s the case with the latest vacuum cleaner from Vax that’s made from cardboard.

Created by young British designer Jake Tyler at Loughborough University, the vacuum cleaner that promises to be just as good as any other that Vax makes has been constructed for optimum sustainability, using recycled and recyclable materials that reduce the burden on landfill.

vax ev the cardboard vacuum cleaner image 7

According to Vax, who love the idea by the way, the corrugated cardboard panels that form the body of the Vax EV are easily replaced if damaged and cost just a tenth of the price of an equivalent plastic panel.

The cardboard even acts as the box beginning their life as part of the retail box the vacuum cleaner is sold in.

Once the cardboard parts are separated from the box, they "pop" into place around the motor housing, without any need for glue.

They have a flame retardant coating for safety and because the whole thing is made out of cardboard you can customise them too with felt tip pens.

vax ev the cardboard vacuum cleaner image 2

Components that cannot practically be made of cardboard have been produced from recyclable, pure nylon plastic using RP (rapid process) manufacturing, rather than injection moulding. This means the Vax EV can be manufactured locally to order, without the need for costly tooling moulds and assembly lines, whilst avoiding long distance distribution.

Vax is now exploring a limited production run of the vacuum cleaner.