For some, namely Christians, Shrove Tuesday is the eve of Lent, a period of fasting and prayer leading up to Easter, and is the last day when those taking part are technically able to feast in preparation. Bizarrely, though, this has prompted the British tradition of Pancake Day, which, much like every other religious festival, has been adapted to allow everybody, no matter their religion, to celebrate.

In this case, it's by stuffing their faces with pancakes of varying shapes and sizes, each containing a host of different fillings. Clearly, the concept fits with the traditional meaning, but the application is more, dare we sat it, fun.

And this year's Shrove Tuesday is tomorrow 8 March, so what better way to ensure that you fill up on all manner of tasty batter-based puddings than with the new Breville Traditional Crêpe Maker.

Don't worry about its French leanings, it's capable of making perfect British-style pancakes over and over again, and as its 12-inch non-stick hotplate runs at a constant heat (1,000W), there's no need to worry about whether it will burn on one side, or stick to the edges of the pan.

Its only downside, as we can see on Pocket-lint, is that it won't allow you to flip them into the air, and we love a good toss on Pancake Day. But then, at least you won't end up with a sticky mess on the ceiling.

The Breville Traditional Crêpe Maker is available from Argos, Amazon and other retailers for £27.99.