We have something of a soft spot for the Vax Mach Air. We reviewed it last year and were impressed with what Vax had done: great cleaning power, lightweight and easy to store in smaller homes, ideal for those living in cramped urban apartments.

But we did criticise a couple of elements. Firstly the cable was too short. If you live anywhere other than a one-bed studio flat you'll have to unplug it plenty of times to get around the house. Secondly the hose was too short to do anything other than attack areas right next to the cleaner, which was a little limiting.

So it was with some delight that we heard that Vax have updated to the Vax Mach Air third gen, known as the Mach Air Reach. And guess what? It addresses those exact frustrations, now coming with a 10m power cord and a 4.2m hose. Stair cleaning is now a reality.

This is combined with the TurboTool from the Mach Air 2 which is designed to get out stubborn pet hair too.

The Mach Air Reach can be yours for £239.99 from the Vax website with a special offer currently giving you a H90-GA-B Gator Handheld for free.