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(Pocket-lint) - Love is in the air - Valentine's Day is upon us, an annual celebration of love and companionship. Good luck celebrating it wholeheartedly while remembering to do your chores, though, and make sure that your home is clean and presentable for an evening's tribute to each other. 

There's nothing like seeing a dusty floor or dirty carpet to remind you that life isn't necessarily all about love and intimacy, and to snap you down to earth with the knowledge that you'll have to get the vacuum out to clean it up soon enough.

That's where a robot vacuum can step in - or, more accurately, roll in. Roborock is one the most impressive makers around, and its robot vacuums are perfect for freeing you up to enjoy Valentine's properly; in fact, they make the perfect gift for the occasion for just that reason.

Right now, Roborock is discounting some of its best vacuums to celebrate, with $75 off the S4 and $50 off the E2 until Sunday, February 16, so we thought we'd take a detailed look at each vacuum so that you can work out which would be best for your home. 

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Roborock S4

The S4 is one of our favourite robot vacuums full stop, not just from Roborock. Part of what makes it so impressive is under the hood - it combines Roborock’s advanced mapping and navigation with a revamped drivetrain that provides the power to free itself from obstacles, making it a great choice for cleaning homes with complex environments.

As it moves around your home it'll automatically map out the layout and work out the most efficient route to clean it by, making for quick and useful cleaning. The wastebin and filters in the S4 can both be easily washed, too, which ensures you don't have to constantly buy replacements at extra cost.

The S4 has four modes of suction that it can use, each with a different strength, which means that if you don't want it on too loudly while you have your date night together you can program it as such. The most powerful mode, Turbo, is so effective that it collects dust we hadn't even noticed yet.

It's all controlled through Roborock's great app, and is a steal at $75 off until Sunday, February 16, bringing it down to just $319.99. 

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Roborock E2

If you're won over by the idea of giving someone special a robot vacuum to free up their time and relaxation by getting rid of a major chore, but you have a little less to spend, the excellent Roborock E2 could be the perfect answer. 

It's a good chunk less expensive than the S4, but still packs in pretty amazing performance to make sure that your home stays clean with minimal effort. It's got similarly sleek look to the S4, with a shiny finish and hidden sensors. 

Powered by a dual-gyroscope inertial navigation system and high-precision optical motion tracking sensors, the Roborock E2 plans its cleaning path in real-time. Its 1800Pa powerful suction is complemented with a plant-inspired wet mopping system that enables simultaneous sweeping and mopping for instant cleaning.

Just like the S4, the Roborock E2 is discounted until Sunday, February 16, by $50. That makes its price $249.99 for that limited time - a price that is pretty much unbeatable for any competition given the quality of cleaning that you get from the E2. 

A perfect Valentine's gift

Whether you like the look of the S4 or E2, Roborock has made sure with these discounts that you can give the gift of time off and relaxation with its robot vacuums. Whether it means a bit more time to themselves during the day, or just a weight off both your minds, giving a loved one a robot vacuum is much more than just a new piece of hardware.