Ring offers a wide range of cameras and video doorbells and a load of them are reduced in price at the moment.

Amazon-owned Ring offers a versatile system that lets you easily add a connected doorbell or security light to your home.

Compatible with smart platforms like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, Ring has grown into one of the must-have devices of the smart home revolution.

Ring Video Doorbell 2


The Ring Video Doorbell is the most popular device from Ring: it's battery-powered, connecting to your Wi-Fi network and then giving you alerts on your phone, smart speaker or computer so you know someone is at the door. It will allow a two-way conversation with callers, give you a video of who is at your door and also detect motion - with night vision for the hours of darkness. It offers 1080p video capture.

Ring Video Doorbell


The original Ring Video Doorbell isn't quite as slick as the updated version, but it is often available for a lot less money. It doesn't have a removable battery, instead you have to dismount the unit to get it to charge. It offers 720p video capture.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro


The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a wired version of the Ring video doorbell, so it has no battery - instead, you'll have to connect it to existing wiring. This means it can be a lot slimmer so it looks better on your door. It offers 1080p video capture.

Ring Peephole/Door View Cam


The Peephole Cam (or Door View Cam in the UK) is a little more niche than Ring's other devices, as it integrates a peephole into it - which is also how you mount the device on your door. This means you can remove your peephole/spyhole and attach the Ring camera on the door going through this hole. As such, it's a clean install and might be better for those in rented apartments. It offers 1080p capture.

Ring Floodlight Cam


Taking security to the outside of your house, the Ring Floodlight Cam pairs Ring's camera with a pair of floodlights. It needs to be hardwired to give it the power, but it means you can also keep an eye on the outside of your house while providing security lighting too. It offers 1080p capture.

Ring Spotlight Cam


The Ring Spotlight Cam comes in various flavours to suit your requirements - battery-powered, hardwired and solar. It pairs a Ring camera with a spotlight in the body, so provides security for smaller spaces, without the illumination power of the Ring Floodlight Cam, but with all the connected features. It offers 1080p capture.

Ring Stick Up Cam


The Ring Stick Up Cam is a simple camera without any lights that is designed to give you video capture and motion detection anywhere you want to put it. It's waterproofed for use outdoors and comes in the range of different models - battery, wired or solar - so you can choose the version that best suits your needs. The all-new Stick Up Cam offers 1080p video. 

Ring Stick Up Cam Elite


The Stick Up Cam Elite is similar to the Stick Up Cam, suitable for indoor or outdoor use, but offers a wired connection both to power and the internet (if you want). It also has a wider-angle lens on it to fit more in the captured view.

Ring Indoor Cam


Exactly as the name suggests, the Indoor Cam is a camera designed for indoor use. It's wired, so you just plug it in and point it at whatever you want to keep an eye on. It offers 1080p video capture. It's about as simple as it gets.

Ring Replacement Battery


If you've got a selection of Ring devices, then you'll be wise to grab yourself some spare batteries too. While the battery devices come with a battery, having at least a spare charged battery means you can quickly switch it out when you get that low battery message.