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(Pocket-lint) - Robot vacuums have become a huge part of many people's daily lives over recent years, going from a somewhat niche interest to a common part of many smart-home setups, and they're getting more and more impressive all the time.

One of the many misconceptions about robot vacuums that can be dispelled easily nowadays is that they're prohibitively expensive - while there are certainly luxury models available, more than ever you can now pick up a great machine for a super reasonable price.

When a sale event like Amazon Prime Day rolls around, that becomes even more true. Roborock is one of the best brands working in this area, and it's got some superb deals this Prime Day, including the two we've highlighted below on its most affordable models. Check them out!

RoborockRoborock's Prime Day deals will help you keep your home spotless for less photo 1

Roborock E4 Mop

First up, we're taking a look at the E4 Mop, which is a variation on one of Roborock's most tried-and-tested (and popular) robot vacuums. One of the big benefits it brings here is fairly obvious from the name - a mopping system that makes it more than just a vacuum. It can clean and scrub hard floors to a polished sheen when you need it to but is easily converted between its modes.

That means you can also rely on it for the usual Roborock vacuuming standard of excellence - with suction powerful enough to lift even chunky bits of dust and dirt from your carpets and floors. It also works flawlessly with Amazon's Alexa to let you start and stop your cleaning routines with your voice, something that becomes amazingly handy once you're used to it. The vacuum also looks nice and modern, with a slick design that will have guests wondering why they haven't gone one for their own homes.

All this, for a price that's hit an amazing low on Prime Day, at just $229.99 once you apply the extra coupon that's available on Amazon.

RoborockRoborock's Prime Day deals will help you keep your home spotless for less photo 4

Roborock S4 Max

Staying in the realm of robot vacuums that are priced at a level that almost beggars belief, we move to the S4 Max, which takes everything that's brilliant about the E4's vacuuming performance, and manages to pack in even more smarts, alongside the same extraordinarily effective suction levels and voice controls.

The big upgrade here is the addition of a LiDAR navigation system to make for even more impressive obstacle avoidance and route calculations. Roborock's navigation systems are some of the most advanced you'll find anywhere, so you can sit back and watch as your vacuum works out the best possible route, every time, and moves around even messy obstacles. It's even sophisticated enough to store its own maps for multiple floors in your home at once, so it's great for multi-level homes.

Just like the E4 Mop, it's got a massive $120.00 discount when you apply the optional coupon on Amazon, so this really is the best possible time to pick one up for yourself.

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