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(Pocket-lint) - When it comes to building a smart home, there's one device that everyone needs - and that's a smart plug. Fortunately, Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale offers up the ideal candidates for that hole in your home, with plenty of smart plugs currently available at a reduced rate.

Pretty much the entire range of the TP-Link brand's plugs is discounted at Amazon US (under the Kasa brand), with deals also available for those in the UK (under the Tapo brand).

Tapo Smart Plug - only £7.59!
Kasa Smart Plug Mini - save 23%
Kasa Smart Strip - save 23%

Smart plugs offer a wide range of advantages. They mean you can control devices from your phone, or through systems like Alexa or Google Assistant. That not only means voice control, but it also means you can add devices to routines, for example to turn your lights on or off. These plugs are ideal for remote-controlled Christmas lights, for example, or to turn on a lamp when motion is detected on a security camera.

The other advantage is the ability to easily check that something it turned off. Can't remember if you turned off your hair straighteners? That's no problem with a smart plug as you can do that from your phone. Some smart plugs will have additional features, such as scheduling.

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Writing by Chris Hall.