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(Pocket-lint) - The Black Friday sales are nearly over - you're running out of time! Roborock, one of the world’s leading brands for robot vacuum cleaners, is offering massive discounts on its products, but these all come to an end very soon.

Roborock has a wide range of robot vacuum cleaners that can also mop your home using advanced navigation technologies. You can control them completely using your smartphone app, and you can also create intelligent schedules to guide when and how they clean different parts of your home.

Roborock is offering up to a 30% discount on Roborock S7, along with the S4 Max and E4 Mop, some of its latest and most popular products. These deals, along with a range of others, end very soon, so be sure to check them out while you can.

Roborock S7 | Was $649.99, now $454.99

RoborockRoborock has amazing Black Friday deals on S7 and S7+ robot vacuum cleaners photo 2

Roborock S7 is the winner of 17 Best of CES 2021 Awards, from How To Geek, Business Insider, Newsweek, and many more. It’s currently one of the most powerful robot vacuum cleaners on the market, equipped with a wide range of intelligent features. It features VibraRise, which combines intense sonic mopping and mop lifting for extremely precise and effortless deep cleaning on carpets. Its 2500PA HyperForce suction can clean your floors and carpets for up to 180 minutes on a single charge. Furthermore, it includes an auto-empty dock that can hold up to 60 days of dust, so you don’t need to empty the vacuum cleaner after each round of cleaning.

Add an auto-emptying dock separately to your order (if the S7+ below is out of stock) and you can get all these features, plus a way longer gap before you need to empty its dock.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Sonic mopping technology
  • 300ml electronic water tank
  • Intelligent mop lifting to avoid carpets
  • Multi-directional floating brush for deeper cleaning
  • 600g mop pressure and 2500PA HyperForce suction
  • Auto-empty dock with a 3L dust bag
  • Ultrasonic carpet recognition
  • Accurate cleaning with LiDAR Navigation
  • Comprehensive smartphone app control
  • Up to 180 minutes of non-stop cleaning on one charge
  • Voice control with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri

Roborock S4 Max | Was $429.99, now $279.99

RoborockRoborock has amazing Black Friday deals on S7 and S7+ robot vacuum cleaners photo 9

Roborock S4 Max is a pure robot vacuum cleaner without mopping features. It includes low-light LiDAR navigation, allowing it to clean rooms with optimal precision even in low-light situations, such as at night. It has a 2000Pa suction force, and you can create numerous no-go zones and no-map zones for optimal automation. This is a suitable entry-level robot vacuum cleaner.

Roborock E4 Mop | Was $379.99, now $219.99

RoborockRoborock has amazing Black Friday deals on S7 and S7+ robot vacuum cleaners photo 8

Roborock E4 Mop is a 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner and mop cleaner. The vacuum cleaner uses 2000Pa suction force, and the mop cleaner comes with a 180ml tank. You can adjust the water flow according to your requirements and cleaning preferences, going up to 1620 square feet at once. It also includes a range of sensors to prevent obstacles, ledges, and drops.

Check out Roborock's other Black Friday deals for 2021 before they go!

As we've said, you're running out of time to check out Roborock's other Black Friday deals - make sure you look into any that interest you before they disappear on 26 November.

As well as the three we highlighted above, you can also find amazing savings on the Roborock S7+, S6 Pure, S5 Max, S6 MaxV, and the Roborock H7, its stick vacuum in case you don't want a robotic helper.